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Use Vagrant to Spin Up Linux VMs

I’m not an expert on Vagrant. I’ve literally used it once, but it’s pretty cool. Here’s how I used Vagrant. I needed to create a Linux VM that I could thrash on, throw in the garbage, recreate it and trash some more. I was developing an Ansible deployment. This tutorial assumes to things Vagrant installed. Use Vagrant to Spin Up Linux VMs

CSS Parent Selector

As of CSS version 3, there is no parent element selector. You can’t do something like this. #my_big_butt:parent { color:#ff3333; } If the parent selector existed, this would return, which element? <div> <img src=”../../my_big_butt.png” alt=”My Big Fat Booty” /> </div> You would be getting the div element. It seems stupid that the browser’s and the CSS Parent Selector

Access Control with Symfony 2 Custom Security Voter

While doing some research on Symfony2, I found this quick tutorial about creating custom security voters. It’s a great way to get more out of the underlying security framework in Symfony. Symfony2 Security Voters by Kris Wallsmith. If you’re looking to get started with Symfony 2, check out my “getting started” eBook.