Easiest Way to Customize a Symfony Form

Before I get started, I realize that Symfony has this entire form theming apparatus and it’s great. But this is a simple technique that puts the control of the form in the hands of the person laying out the HTML rather than the developer. All I do is when I’m rendering my form, I wrap

CSS Parent Selector

As of CSS version 3, there is no parent element selector. You can’t do something like this. #my_big_butt:parent { color:#ff3333; } If the parent selector existed, this would return, which element? <div> <img src=”../../my_big_butt.png” alt=”My Big Fat Booty” /> </div> You would be getting the div element. It seems stupid that the browser’s and the

Don’t name your mixins wrong

If you’re not using Sass, you don’t need to read this article. What you need to do is to stop writing CSS right now and learn about Sass. If you are among the anointed into the Sass community, here’s something you shouldn’t do. Don’t name your mixin files the same as your scss. I working

Responsive Design: Unfloat An HTML Element

Have you ever sat down and said, “I’m going to float that fucking logo to the right.” Whether it makes any sense to float that motherfucker to the right is irrelevant, you do it. But doing so has caused your design to get all tore up for users at less than 800 pixels. That fucking

Where to put assets like CSS and Javascript in Symfony

I just solved a fairly simple problem, but for my own record and if it could possibly save someone some time, here you go. In Symfony, you want to put your assets (CSS, Javascript, images) in the right location, which is src/BUNDLE_NAME/Resources/public. To use your assets in your web application, run this command. php app/console