Stop building shitty PHP web applications

I’m sort of active on and I see so many stupid questions from people who know nothing about PHP trying to cobble together a pile of shit web application.

I admit that nearly 20 years ago when I started working with PHP, I wrote some awful code, just wretched shit. But back then, everyone was writing shitty web apps, there were no frameworks and templating systems didn’t exist.

And so in 2015, when I see people posting questions on Stackoverflow with table-based layout and PHP mingled in with their presentation, no templates, and just disgusting application design, I just have to shake my head.

I refuse to answer the questioner’s specific question because doing so would only enable them to continue working on their poorly designed application. What I do is I try to steer them towards using a templating system like Twig, or even better a framework like Symfony.

The problems with these old ways of PHP programming where everything is a jumbled mess are many. First of all, as a programmer, you have to work way too hard to get anything resembling a functional application out of that mess you’ve created. Secondly, even if you did end up with something that worked, good luck maintaining and keeping the bugs at bay.

So before you start programming, don’t work so hard, get a framework and learn how to properly separate your presentation, code and database because mixing all that up is a bad idea and will lead to bad software and a bad user experience. Research the model, view, controller design paradigm. It works.

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