Run SVN Merge Again Using –ignore-ancestry

I had an issue where I accidentally did a svn merge, but what I merged into had changes I didn’t want committed to trunk – yet. But I ran a commit before I realized my error. It’s a good reason to start with a fresh checkout of the code to merge to before doing it.

I reverted the files that I didn’t want in trunk, which included code that I did want – the merge code. But I couldn’t run that merge again, but SVN knows I already did that merge. To get around merge info, I used the –ignore-ancestry option.

To merge into trunk from branch/kilgore, do this.

svn merge –ignore-ancestry 3039

The number 3039 is the version of the file to merge. You have to specify the version if you’re using ignore-ancestry. I was only dealing with two files, but I don’t think you need to specify individual files, just the version you want.

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