Plug Your Tach Hole

This is what my '78 Honda CB400 looked like when I bought it for $650 in 2013.

This is what my ’78 Honda CB400 looked like when I bought it for $650 in 2013.

I’m about to make my first customizations to my ’78 CB400 for this season. I purchased the bike last year for $650. I didn’t do anything to the bike but change the oil and check the tire pressure. I just wanted to ride it for a year and see if it’s something I want to invest time and money into.

The bike has held up well. The suspension is a bit jacked up, the bike rides too low in the rear-end, but the engine is strong and reliable.

While I’m still not convinced I want to dump a grand into this bike, I do need to clean it up a bit. These old Hondas are actually decent little bikes at their core, but the clunky speedos, seats, turn signals, handlebars and fenders need to go.

So on its way from Dime City Cycles are a fresh set of satin black euro bars. I also have a new tiny black speedometer, also from Dime City, to replace my current stock speedo and tach setup.

One of the issues with removing the tach is that I have to plug that hole in the engine where the tach cable used to go.

Rather than tossing the old cable into the garbage, I’m going to chop it up to manufacture a plug for my tach hole.

Using my Dremel or hacksaw or something, I plan to cut off the threaded part of the cable that screws into the engine. It will have a hole in it where the cable used to go, I’ll cut a small piece of tin to pop in the hole and then screw in the threaded part from the cable.

It’s a lot easier and cheaper than tracking down and purchasing a plug that fits in that hole. The cheapest I found was like $13 including shipping. It’s basically a $5 part with $8 shipping, it seems silly.

I’ll post when I’m done to see if this works and how it looks.

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