Netbeans IDE



My preferred editor for at least 10 years was emacs. I still love emacs and use it often, but Netbeans has definitely won me over.

Is Netbeans perfect? Not by a long shot. I find the keyboard controls to be clunky and difficult to make work for how I prefer to code, but I’ve figured it out.

What I really like, is the ability to integrate Netbeans into various development environments.

Sometimes I find myself working with version controlled source code. That’s awesome. But sometimes I get stuck dealing with an organization that, for some insane reason, doesn’t use version control. So the auto-upload SFTP on save feature is really nice.

I also like the color coding, syntax highlighting and quick formatting controls in Netbeans.

What I hate about Netbeans is that it’s a resource pig. And if I leave it open long enough, it eventually makes my workstation unusable and I have to restart Netbeans.

But for me, Netbeans is a better editor than emacs. It’s just easier. I guess I’m getting old and lazy.

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