Motorola 10T28M Radio


I own a Motorola 10T28M radio. I’ve had it for a couple of years. I might have paid $10 for it a junk sale somewhere in town.

It’s been working pretty well, but the tuner cord broke a few weeks ago and I finally got around to fixing it. Rather than using cord, a previous owner used fishing line, that’s not going to last long.

While I was in there repairing the tuner cord, I also re-soldered some dry connections.

After I got it working again, I decided to do a little research about it.

I found a website with some details about the Motorola 10T28M here.

Apparently this AM/FM 10-tube radio was made in the late 1950s. Mostly likely it was built in 1957 or 1958.

It’s not particularly valuable, but it’s a nice addition to my home audio system.

My setup works like this.

From my studio in the basement I broadcast via FM whatever is going through my mixer.

So rather than trying to blast the music all of the way up to the second floor, I have vintage radios scattered around the house tuned to my FM frequency.

Most of these older radios are just that – radios. They aren’t stereo and they usually always lack good bass, at least the cheap ones I’ve bought do.

In my house, the music playing from my studio in the basement reverberates through the house and helps fill out at the low frequencies.

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