Lubuntu on Asus EEE PC 900

I have an Asus EEE PC900, but the bastardized version of Debian that came with the computer was wildly out-of-date. No sane person should put an un-patched computer on the Internet without patching it. Unfortunately there isn’t apparently any way to update the hacked Debian install that came with the computer.

Fortunately, I was able to simply install the latest version of Lubuntu. Now rather than that lame window manager that came with the computer, I can run whatever I want.

Here’s how I did it.

  1. First I downloaded Lubuntu and put it on USB stick. I downloaded the 32-bit version.
  2. Plug the USB stick in and figure out where it’s mounted.
    sudo fdisk -l
  3. Mine was located at /dev/sdb1, adjust for your setup and unmount your stick.
    umount /dev/sdb1
  4. According to my research, FAT32 is the more reliable format, so I formatted with this command.
    sudo mkdosfs -n 'MYSTICK' -I /dev/sdb -F 32
  5. Copied the .iso to the USB stick partition copying to the partition, sdb1, not the device, sdb.
    sudo dd if=lubuntu.iso of=/dev/sdb1 bs=4k
  6. Force the completion of any disk writes and eject the stick
    sudo eject /dev/sdb
  7. Now my Asus EEE PC was booting, I pressed ESC and selected the USB stick as the boot device. Don’t try and set the boot order in the BIOS, it’s ignored, you have to hit ESC and select the boot device.
  8. Once I booted Lubuntu from the USB stick and it seemed to work, I installed Lubuntu. While installing, I also repartitioned the drive to include 256MB swap space.
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