How to Restart Networking on a Mac

If you’re like me and you have to connect to a VPN with the Cisco Anywhere Connect client, you’re probably dealing with strange networking issues as a result. One of the things I do when I’m experiencing networking issues is that I restart networking on my Mac.

To do that run this command.

sudo ifconfig en0 down; sudo ifconfig en0 up;

That’s actually two commands on one line, but it should work. You will need to make sure that your network interface is en0 and not en1 or something. To figure that out just run this command.


You should see an interface with an IP address on it, that’s the one connected to your network. If you have multiple network interfaces with IP addresses, you’ll just have to figure out which one you want to restart and use it.

If you’re still having issue, try flushing your routing table information.

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