How to Configure Apple Airport Extreme and Verizon Fios Router

I prefer Apple products over pretty much any other computer product any day of the week – if I can afford it. Prior to getting Verizon Fios, my preferred wifi router was my Apple Airport Extreme. What I like about the Airport Extreme is that I can plug a hard drive into it and do automatic Time Machine backups whenever I’m connected to my wifi network.

Here’s how my network is setup. I have two wifi networks, once provided by the Fios router and the another by my Apple Airport Extreme. The Airport Extreme connects directly to the Fios router via Ethernet.

I can not to the Airport Extreme base station. Everyone else connects to the Fios one. That limits the number of devices connecting to the Airport Extreme that has my hard drive connected to it. I don’t have to share that password with house guests. And it also splits the workload between these two routers, which really do serve different purposes in my home.

You’ll see a lot of discussion about disabling the Fios router wife network. I didn’t see why that would be necessary. If you don’t need it, it makes sense to turn it off, but I don’t think it hurts to keep it around for a guest network.

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