Great Site to Learn About Loudspeaker Crossover Design

For the past week or so I’ve been tinkering around with designing a crossover for a two driver loudspeaker. I’ve never done this before, so the learning curve is steep for me.

The first step was to figure why I needed to make a crossover and what it’s supposed to do.

The best place I found to get your brain wet with crossover knowledge, is right here with the Speaker Crossover Wiring FAQ.

Basically, every speaker is rated to work at certain frequencies. If you push higher or lower frequencies than the driver can handle, you’ll blow it up.

Once I finished the FAQ, I found this really useful example here.

This example, I believe will get me 90 percent of the way to where I need to get with my crossover circuit. The rest will be up to me.

My drivers are an 8-inch Dayton woofer. This is an 8 ohm speaker with a frequency range from 29 – 3,000 Hz, Fs (free air resonance) 88Hz, and max 88 db.

The tweeter is also 8 ohm with a frequency range from 2,000 Hz – 20,000 Hz. But I need to learn more about this tweeter. I need to figure out Fs and the max db.

So my crossover point is from 2,000 Hz (tweeter) to 3,000 Hz (woofer).

The max db output will help me build the l-pad of the circuit and the Fs on the tweeter will guide me to the correct series notch filter configuration.

I’ll keep posting my progress. Once I figure out these last pieces of the puzzle, I’ll make a parts list and gather it all. I should have all of the capacitors and resistors, I just will need to make some inductors, but that should be easy.

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More useful links that I’ve found are:

Air Core Inductor Inductance Calculator

I don’t plan on using this loudspeaker test box, but it looks really interesting.

There’s another introduction to crosssovers here.

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