Color Eye Drop Selector for Mac

I often feel the desire to grab a particular color from an image or graphic I find on the Internet.

And because I’m an ignorant fool, I’ve always struggled with doing this. I’d grab a screenshot, open the file in Photoshop or some similar program. It was always such a pain in the ass. I even installed a horrible Chrome plugin called colorPicker – it never really worked right.

And then the other day I decided to Google color eyedropper for Mac, or something like that, and there I had found it, there is an application for that. It’s actually included with every Mac.



It’s called DigitalColor Meter. It’s located in Applications/Utilities.

I feel like an idiot for not knowing this.

I switched from Linux to Mac as my desktop and development environment in probably 2003, maybe 2002. Whenever OS X started to become usable. I never knew this tool was available. While most of my color selecting is done inside some sort of application like Photoshop, it is really nice to be able to just grab any color whenever I want from whatever I want.

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