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It’s been a long time in the making, and I should have done it two years ago, but I’m finally all bit rid Perl entirely from my web application development and deployment ecosystem.

You know 10 or 15 years ago, Perl was actually doing some interesting things. I thought mod_perl had a chance to be the next big web application platform, but it didn’t. I love mod_perl and I think it actually works great.

For me though, what’s most interesting about Perl is that it’s not seen a major language upgrade in how many years? I vaguely remember Perl 4, so 5 has been out for well over a decade. And Perl 6 will release after the next Duke Nukem game comes out. There is this, but it looks sketchy, incomplete and lacks the CPAN repository.

Basically, Perl is stale. It’s old. It’s antiquated. It’s no longer necessary.

There’s nothing I can do with Perl that I can’t do with a PHP framework like Symfony, Java, or any other modern programming language. And I can do it with fewer lines of code, fewer bugs, greater performance and using a language in which I can hire other people can maintain.

And so Perl, it is time we say farewell. I’ll miss the challenge, but I’m moving on and I think you should too.

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