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PHP Soap Server Repeat the Same Element

In a SOAP service I work on, I needed to generate a response that repeated the same element. Something like this. <SOAP-ENV:Envelope xmlns:SOAP-ENV=”” xmlns:ns1=””> <SOAP-ENV:Body> <ns1:getPhoneNumbersResponse> <numbers> <number>123341344</number> <number>329822938</number> </numbers> </ns1:getPhoneNumbersResponse> </SOAP-ENV:Body> </SOAP-ENV:Envelope> Getting this to work in the PHP code took a bit of fussing around. You can’t just create a hash, because the… Read more »

Eclipse Broken Arrow Bug in WSDL Editor

I almost spent a bunch of time on an non-issue. Eclipse is my IDE. I’m currently building a new SOAP service. While messing around with the WSDL, in the WSDL editor graphical mode, I kept seeing a “broken arrow” rather than what I expect. It should look like this. When the arrows aren’t broken, I… Read more »