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PHP Portable Paths

Frankly, I don’t care about people wanting to run my code on a Windows box and it not working. But in reality, for some reason, there are people who write code using computers running the Microsoft Windows operating system. Why don’t they use a Mac, or if they don’t have or want to spend the… Read more »

Build Unit Tests or Functional Tests?

The headline is a trick – you do both. It’s 2016, if you’re still out there writing code with no unit tests or functional tests, you’re not doing your job correctly. Every time I write a method, I write a unit test. The unit test checks that the method does what I think it should… Read more »

Symfony 2 Getting Started Guide Now Available

It is here folks. The moment you have all been waiting for. My new Symfony 2 Getting Started tutorial is here. This is a simple and powerful tutorial that will get your through many of the core components of building applications using open source Symfony. I love Symfony, and I think you will too, so… Read more »