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MariaDB Corp. Slaps Open Source Community in the Face

A few years ago, Oracle acquired MySQL, the open source community supporting MySQL proverbially self-evacuated, forked MySQL and start MariaDB. The heroes saved MySQL from the death of then-CEO Larry Ellison. Now MariaDB has gone commercial. On Auguest 15, Michael Widenius announced the next version of the MaxScale would not be open source. Widenius, creator… Read more »

How to Setup a LAMP Stack Using VirtualBox on a Mac

Before I get started, none of what you are about read is necessary if you can setup a bridged network with VirtualBox. The reason I had to do all of this is because I’m on a Macbook Air connecting to the network wirelessly. For some reason, bridged networking with VirtualBox on a Mac using wireless… Read more »

Enable MySQL General Logging Using MAMP

Any Mac web developers out there right now still fiddling around with the version of PHP that Apple ships on every Mac needs to stop right now. I’ve been there. When OSX first came out I tried to make Apple’s PHP and Apache to work. I did get it to work, but it was a… Read more »

Upgrading MySQL on Debian Wheezy Fails

I just did an update to one of my Debian Wheezy servers. After the upgrade Mysql failed to start. That sucked, but fortunately I was able to fix it. All I needed to do was comment out a line from /etc/mysql/my.cnf.dpkg-dist. If you run into the issue, the problem is related to this line in… Read more »

Upgrading Debian Squeeze to Wheezy

I’ve recently done a few upgrades of Debian from Squeeze to Wheezy and it’s a pretty uneventful process. I recommend following these instructions at HowtoForge. The only major issue was that Mysql was removed after the upgrade. My data was still there but I had to install mysql-server. apt-get mysql-server Also you might get an… Read more »