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How to Configure Apple Airport Extreme and Verizon Fios Router

I prefer Apple products over pretty much any other computer product any day of the week – if I can afford it. Prior to getting Verizon Fios, my preferred wifi router was my Apple Airport Extreme. What I like about the Airport Extreme is that I can plug a hard drive into it and do… Read more »

Jeff Williams Named Apple COO

I don’t normally write about internal reorgs, because they’re boring, but look at these two Apple executives. Is there a farm where they’re growing middle aged white guys with neatly trimmed gray hair? Apple has named Jeff Williams (left) chief operating officer. Chief marketing officer Phil Schiller is now in charge of the App Store…. Read more »

Apple’s Secret Lab

Oh no, Apple has 50 engineers working at a lab in Taiwan to develop organic light emitting diode screen technology. But fear not, Forbes and Bloomberg are hip to Apple’s game. For the record, just because Apple doesn’t put out a press release every time it hires a few engineers to do research and development… Read more »

Kindle Preview Crashes on Mac OS X Yosemite

I’m pretty sure this applies to any recent version of Mac OS X, but this glitch has currently hit me and I’m on Yosemite. What happened was that I downloaded the Kindle Preview tool, because I’m working on an eBook, who isn’t right? Well, the Kindle Preview tool kept crashing when I tried to fire… Read more »