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Joddit Global CSS Fixed for WordPress 4

I really like the simple CSS plugin — Joddit Global CSS. It works great. Well, it worked great until I upgraded to WordPress 4. Then it broke. After upgrading, I couldn’t see any of my stylesheets via the admin interface, but they were still loading. So I posted a message to the author of the… Read more »

How to Add a Linux User for Mail but Not Login

I’ve had to, from time-to-time, create users on Linux boxes that need to connect via IMAP to get email, but they can’t SSH or login to the server. There are certainly more elaborate ways to solve this problem, but here’s my ghetto solution. When creating the user set their shell to /bin/false. useradd –shell /bin/false… Read more »

Improve Google Adwords Performance with Placements

A low Google Adwords click-thru rate could be because of the sites your ads are running. Adjusting your ad campaign placements can greatly improve your click-thru rate and your ad performance. If you haven’t tweaked your Google Adwords placements, there’s a good chance your ads are getting tons of impressions on sites that will likely… Read more »